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905 Wild West Drive

Le Claire, IA 52753

Tel: 309-292-0293

Jeff Paul

Triathlon Coach

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I send out workouts every Sunday evening.  I send them directly to your e-mail so you will have them by Monday morning to start the week.  Each plan is custom to the athlete and the goals that he or she has.  Athletes send back a summary of the week including the specifics on hard training sessions by Sunday afternoon at the latest.  I keep track of all progress and paces to ensure each athlete increases volume and paces in a responsible manner.  The plan is very flexible to allow you to get the training in around your busy schedule. 



Running Only



Biking Only



Swimming Only





Services Included with Coaching
1.  Custom workout plan
2.  Help with Bike Fit
3.  Help with weight loss
4.  Goal Setting
5.  Race Nutrition Advice
6.  Triathlon Transition Tips
7.  Gear Selection Help
8.  Invites to Periodic Workouts with Coach
9.  Unlimited contact with coach through calls, e-mail, text...etc.
10.  Help with Race Plan
11. Guidance with Race Schedule
12. Run/Swim Technique Advice

"You are better than you think you are...and you can do MORE than you think you can do."

Angela Reier went from 1 hr. 57 minutes down to 1 hr. 50 minutes for her 1/2 marathon in her first year with Jeff Paul's guidance
Christina McNamara-Schmidt went from 10th to 2nd at the QC Triathlon, completed her first Ironman in Wisconsin in 11 hrs. 32 minutes and then to top it off completed her 2nd Ironman just 4 weeks later in Louisville in 11 hrs. 17 minutes during her 1st year under Jeff Paul's guidance
Chris Chamberlin went from 1 hr. 34 minute PR for a half marathon down to 1 hr. 25 minutes in his first year training with Jeff Paul's guidance
Jason Rangel completed his first Ironman ever in Coeur D'Alene, ID in 2015 on a day of record heat finishing 23rd in his age group with a time of 11 hrs. 18 minutes


Jeff Paul

I began racing triathlons professionally in 2011 with the mantra "Dream BIG".  I not only believed this for myself but my goal was to inspire others to do the same for themselves.  In 2011 I was approached by a local triathlete who was looking for guidance with his training.  After he had his best year ever racing I fulfilled requests to help others.  I've helped triathletes and some who just run or bike.  I have been proud to help athletes I coach push beyond limits they ever thought possible and race faster than ever before.  Whether your goal is a new PR at a local 5k, finishing your first 1/2 marathon, earning a new lifetime best, completing an Ironman, or qualifying for Kona I believe I can help you to DREAM BIG and achieve your goals!

I  have completed 10 Ironman distance triathlons and have won 2 races at that distance (Beach 2 Battleship in 2013 and Challenge Atlantic City in 2015).  I have won over 20 local and regional races since 2009.  My Ironman distance PR is 9 hrs. 4 minutes and 1/2 Ironman distance PR is 4 hours flat. 



Jeff Paul- Triathlon Coach

Dream Big Coaching


"So many great benefits to being coached by Jeff Paul but for me the constant adaptation to my experience was tops!  If I had a terrible tempo run, I could text him and he would put it in perspective.  He pushed me hard on pace, but allowed me to fit in the longest workouts around my travel and work schedule.  When I got injured, a recovery plan was quickly put in place that allowed me to do the workouts I was allowed to do.  I was able to maintain my fitness through many ups and downs this year and achieve my goals!  Thanks, JP!!!!"  - Angela Reier   Davenport, IA


"Why Jeff Paul as a coach?

Jeff has the experience and has trained for so many races/triathlons and has had great success.  He is a natural and gifted coach and he will lay out a personal plan that fits your goals and he will challenge you to be your best.  If you want to be successful and take your training to the next level, I can assure you that Jeff will deliver. Below are my accomplishments under Jeff’s training programs.


2014 Running Program:
I began running in 2003.  From 2003 – 2013 I had run many ½ marathons and a few full marathons for enjoyment.  In 2013 I wanted to break the 7:00 minute pace for a ½ marathon, but always came up short averaging a 7:08 mile pace. I approached Jeff in early 2014 and asked for his guidance and coaching to help me break that 7:00 min pace.  I followed his program and we broke through and shattered the sub 7:00 minute goal.  In September of that year I ran the QC’s ½ marathon and averaged a 6:45 pace.  I was inspired to beat my 6:45 pace and in October ran the Des Moines ½ marathon and averaged a 6:29 min pace.

2015 Triathlon Program
I had always wanted to do a triathlon and again I approached Jeff on coaching and it was an amazing and fun year of training. 

Triathlon results
Quad Cities Triathlon 51 out of 578
Iowa Games Triathlon 9th out of 190

To top off the 2015 season I told Jeff that I wanted to break a 6:00 min pace in a 5k race.
Not only did I beat my goal but I surprised myself and ran a 5:44 5k pace.

Thanks for your commitment to excellence!"       -Chris Chamberlin   Le Claire, IA

"I began my 2016 triathlon season with a goal to complete Ironman Wisconsin.  Jeff quickly learned my fitness level and developed a swim, bike, and run program to transform me from a 'completer' to a 'competitor'.  Through Jeff's plan, I improved immensely in all three disciplines, and accomplished more than I'd ever imagined!  Jeff creates an easy-to-follow, weekly triathlon training plan, customized to your personal fitness goals.  He is very responsive and patient when questions arise.  By achieving small improvements each week, the long-term goal seems much more attainable through his guidance.


Jeff's inspiring, detailed coaching helped me achieve two overall, first-place finishes at a sprint and half-distance triathlon and two, top-ten female finishes in my age group at both Ironman Wisconsin and Ironman Louisville.  If you're willing to work hard and dream big, I'd recommend choosing Jeff Paul to coach your next tri season!

I found my true potential as a triathlete by closely following his weekly workout plan and can't wait for my best season yet with Jeff's coaching."
  -Christina McNamara-Schmidt   Bettendorf, IA


"I’m a triathlete in my 40s with a wife and two young kids.  I also have a full-time job and a part-time job, which leave me with very little time to train.  I still wanted to be involved in a sport I love, so I knew I had to make the most of my limited training time.  After doing extensive research of various coaches, I was lucky (make that extremely lucky) to have found Jeff.  The main thing that I connected with was that he completely understood my demanding schedule, and custom-tailored my workouts around it.  I sometimes had only 30-45 minutes/day to train.  The workouts he wrote for me were extremely efficient, no-nonsense, and to the point.  As a result, after following his prescribed workouts consistently week after week, I was pleasantly surprised (actually shocked) that not only was I competing again, but I was winning races and clocking splits way faster than I was in my younger days when I had all the time in the world to train.  Equally important to note is that Jeff has to be the most passionate and unselfish person you can ever come across.  He really is willing to do whatever it takes to help you achieve your goals, and although he’s also an outstanding athlete, I feel that he often put my goals ahead of his, which is very rare with elite-level coaches.  Anyone who ends up working with him has really hit the jackpot."  -Ed Allen    Illinois

"I have been working with Jeff for the past 3 years. The coaching he provides has enabled me to be in the best shape I could be in each year. 

Being so busy with my family and traveling for my job I am not able to have any set times for training so Jeff  sends me weekly workouts and goals to fit into my schedule. This works out perfect. As I complete each week I can report back to him with the weeks results.

The knowledge he provides in knowing what to "prescribe" each week is beyond what I can do or find on my own. With his coaching I have run, biked, and swam my best times and am always improving. What he adds in motivation and encouragement pushes me even harder and helps me stay motivated." 

-Jason Rangel    Prophetstown, IL


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